Make each new customer a customer for life!

We take on the heavy lifting of key customer communications so you can focus on best servicing your customers.

Build the bridge between your provided benefits and your customers

Whether you have your own prepaid maintenance program, a third-party service provider, or one offered by the OEM, TrackYourBenefits can work with all of them.

Plug and play integration with your DMS

It's simple, we load the benefits that you offer in your F&I Department into our system and automatically enroll each customer that purchased service benefits from your store.

Engineered to run effortlessly as a background service

When a customer comes in for service, we automatically pick up the visit from your service feed and deduct any redeemed customer benefits, providing you real time access to your customer's usage metrics and redemption rates.

Give your customers the comfort of knowing they won't miss a single benefit

retention through communication

With our proprietary delivery system, we make sure your customers don't miss any of their pre-paid benefits.

That means more service visits and more revenue generated for your store.

A personalized experience for each customer

They will receive a series of communications to include a welcome message, benefit reminders, redemption notifications, program expiration notifications, and much more. Of course, all communication is branded to your dealership making sure the customer feels right at home with you.

Customer portal — Designed to be absolutely user-friendly.

Whether the customer needs to view their available benefits, schedule a service, set a reminder for an upcoming benefit or view their redemption history; TrackYourBenefits has the power to do it all.

Evolve your Dealer
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